Project Description

Project Name: 500 Walnut
General Contractor: Intech Construction, LLC.
Owner: Scannapieco Development Corporation

This project was a 28-story ultra-luxury residence tower, 213,000 square feet in size, completed in 2018. It is home to the first fully robotic, automated parking system in Philadelphia, where residence can retrieve their cars within 90 seconds, from the parking garage below, just by the push of a button on a kiosk. Anmar will be worked with Westfalia to install this state-of-the-art system, as well as other posh amenities including a sidewalk snow melt system, 50-foot indoor lap pool, and 4,000 square foot terrace overlooking Independence Hall. This one of a kind project gave owners the opportunity to custom design their unit during the construction phase and Anmar completed custom electrical installation is several of the purchased units.